Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo taken around 1907. Lena and a friend enjoying the snow at Olympic Park on the east side of Kalispell MT about a quarter-mile from where she lived at 116 Fifth Ave. East. This was the home of her sister Jenny and brother-in-law Arthur Hollensteiner. A
From right to left, Ruth Hollensteiner, Arthur Hollensteiner, Jean Hollensteiner, Larry O'Connell (boy at bottom) and Dad. Photo taken in Kallispel.

Christmas 1939 at 10640 Johanna St., Hanson Heights, CA. Doug (great grandpa) built this house from scratch while renting another home nearby. No lawn, just sagebrush and rock. This was grandpa's first electric train with a
Photo of Dad at age six. He lived on 4145 Edenhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA. Around 1934 in front of the house his dad built. The hat was a replica of his Dad's WWI helmet, and young Bob was very proud to have a hat like his Dad's hat.

This was taken around 1938 before the dam crakced and flooded a lot of homes. The wash was about 3 mi. wide, and grandpa used to play there with his Japanese friends Mamoru Shishido and Elmer Yendo.